For three decades and counting, British executive coach Phil Wall MBE MSc has been working with some of the world’s top-tier leaders. He has partnered with high-calibre executives, portfolio managers, internationally renowned sporting leaders, including Olympic athletes. 

“Phil Wall’s coaching & advice equipped me better for my role as England Rugby Captain and more importantly for my life. He has been an inspiration”

Lewis Moody MBE

Phil excels at equipping people with the tools to communicate concisely and candidly, lead their teams with wisdom and courage, and thus elevate their performance. He has worked extensively in the Life Sciences, Financial Services and Digital Comms arenas within the USA and around the world. Much of his work involves supporting senior leaders navigating complex change.

Phil brings his love of life and passion for purpose into his coaching practice. A lifelong vocation, coaching provides the platform to raise the performance and increase the impact of other gifted leaders and managers. Using an asset-based model, Phil focusses on enhancing an individual’s personal qualities and professional skills, enabling them to flourish in the workplace and tell the world. Having served in a diverse array of countries and communities, Phil exhibits a deep cultural intelligence and the capacity to work effectively in many different contexts. His candour, insight, technical expertise and engaging personality combine to provide a personalised approach which leads to transformational outcomes.

Phil is an accredited APECS Master Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. He has an MSc in Coaching and Consulting for Change from Oxford University SAID Business School and HEC in Paris. He is also accredited in numerous Psychometric Tools. 

Phil is also a leader of leaders. He began his working life as a first responder in the role of a Riot Squad Policemen in London. In 2022 he was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in her Platinum Jubilee Honours List receiving the prestigious MBE Medal for his pioneering corporate and philanthropic work that led to the establishing of the non-profit organisation This entity has impacted the lives of millions of young people in Africa enabling the most vulnerable to create sustainable and impactful futures.  

He is married to Wendy, Co-WeSeeHope Founder and Speech Pathologist, and they have three grown children. He loves playing golf, watching rugby and eating curry. They reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.