Psychological Reckoning

Last week I found myself watching a BBC TV report following the experience of medics working with critically ill COVID-19 patients in hospital ICU’s. One of the doctors reflected on the long-term impact on the mental health of NHS staff witnessing so much death and trauma. He stated that at some point there would be […]

‘My Inner Google’

A new year and global lockdown — an ideal time to refresh your ‘Inner Google’. “I didn’t know I had one!” I hear you say. You are a leader, an entrepreneur — believe me — you have one. British intelligence data company Kaiasm conducted fascinating research in 2020. They tracked the way internet searches on Google & […]

Software With Skin On

Have you ever asked Siri a personal question? I have, and the answer was ‘I don’t have an answer to that’. Thus, in this digital age of increasing human redundancy, the role of the professional performance coach is bucking the trend and in places like Great Britain is growing fast and moving rapidly in the […]

Getting Better

It may be that like me you are using this unique time to read some books you have been meaning to read for some time. I am currently devouring a book called ‘Super Human’ by Rowan Hooper that my son bought me for Christmas (he was obviously thinking about his father when he bought it […]

Leading in a waist up world

There have been many quotes from leaders during this crisis. Some memorable and others, thankfully, forgettable. One of the most profound belongs to Deborah Birx. Dr Birx, a leading immunologist, army colonel and the co-ordinator of the White House task force on Coronavirus declared, “There’s no magic bullet, there’s no magic vaccine or therapy, just […]

Clean it up…

We enter another week, engaging with new realities most days, trying to form new patterns of life, work and family. New language abounds, ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘super-spreaders’ are now part of everyday parlance. We are also seeing new cultural phenomena emerging. This last week in the normally quite cynical UK we witnessed millions of […]

Choose Your Door…

These unique times confront us with choices never before experienced by most. For example, ‘to hoard or not to hoard?’ appears to have been a common question being asked by the wealthier of us all around the world. Friends of mine in the medical profession will increasingly have to ask, ‘who lives and who dies?’ […]

Leadership — it’s always about the other

We British are in despair as we daily observe many of our politicians playing political football with our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Narcissistic posturing and bluster appear to be the order of the day, the paucity of genuine leadership is painful to observe in a nation that was once esteemed around the world for it’s strength of clarity and purpose. And then there is Jacinda Ardern.

‘Meanwhile back in the narrative’…

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s musical, Hamilton, was without doubt the theatrical sensation of 2017. Inspired by Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton, the show has become a runaway box-office hit in the UK and the US. Hamilton is one of America’s most influential and, prior to this production at least, less recognized founding fathers. Having served as […]